Kaštela as Braavos

The “town” of Kaštela is actually composed of seven coastal villages built around 15th  and 16th century castles, located northwest of the city of Split . Because of it, Kaštela serve perfectly  as a set for Braavos, which is known as a city of waterways, with islands, canals and lagoons.

Kaštel Gomilica

A small town a few miles from Split. It is where Arya Stark lands in Braavos and is seen selling oysters from a hand cart.



Šibenik is situated in the centre of Dalmatia and it is one of the oldest towns in Croatia. The town’s main sight is four hundred years old St. James Cathedral. It is built entirely of limestone and it has found its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In Game of Thrones, Šibenik is headquarter of the influential Iron Bank,  and it depicts the ancient city of Braavos -a powerful coastal city and home of the Faceless Men. The scene that attracted a huge amount of attention by locals and the press was famous naked walk Cersei took in season six. That scene was mostly filmed in Šibenik, and it is also a place where young Arya Stark was traveling to find a shelter in her flight from Poniente at the end of Season 4.



Ston is a medieval Croatian town which lies 50km northwest of Dubrovnik. There you’ll find a series of defensive stone walls dating back to the 14th century. The impressive Walls of Ston are originally built more than 7km long which makes them the longest walls in Europe and the second largest in the world. With their 40 towers and five fortresses, these walls make a perfect setting for the imminent walls of King’s Landing.


Baška Voda

Baška Voda is one of the most beautiful destinations of Makarska Riviera and there is no wonder why Game of Thrones chose Baška Voda for its playground. The opening episode of season four where Daenerys pets her dragons is filmed right here, a few miles from the seaside resort of Makarska