Split filming locations for Slaver’s Bay

Split is the second-largest city of Croatia, the largest city of the region of Dalmatia and one of the most popular destinations for travellers from all over the globe. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, centered on the Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian. Split is one of the oldest cities in the area, founded as the Greek colony in the 3rd or 2nd century BCE. With its ruins, cobblestone walkways, and narrow alleyways it’s easy to see why HBO films so many scenes in or around this city. Split was a filming location for Meereen, the city Khaleesi currently rules with an iron fist. Come visit Split and see for yourself actual locations that were used in the show, like Diocletian’s palace, Basements, Papalić street, Town museum, Bell Tower, the Walls, and medieval mansions which used to belong to different noble families.

Follow the path of Daenerys as she seeks to conquer Slavery’s Bay and free the slaves of Meereen. This old Mediterranean metropolis and its ancient basements and narrow streets, is place where freed slaves sought revenge upon their masters.

Diocletian’s Palace

– This 1700-year-old palace was constructed by Emperor Diocletian in the 3rd century. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been a high point for world travelers for over a thousand years. Split’s historical centre is built around the remains of the Diocletian’s Palace, which is considered one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments. The GoT scenes that take place in Meereen were filmed at Diocletian’s Palace as well as Klis Fortress. Most of the locations in Split and the surrounding areas have been filmed whilst following the story of Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, on her journey to Meereen and beyond. While filming inside the Palace, Game of Thrones film crew did very little remodelling of the cellars when they were turned into the catacombs of Meereen where Daenerys kept and trained her 3 dragons. In the early episodes of series four the dark basement of this 1700-year-old palace was also used when Daenerys’ Unsullied Army snuck into the cellars beneath the city of Meereen where the slaves sleep at night to encourage them into an uprising. Authentic locations of the Palace can be seen in many GoT scenes and after watching season five, visitors will have no problem recognizing them and reliving the scenes in real life. The cellars were also used as Daenerys’ throne room.


Fortress of Klis

– It is a medieval fortress situated above a village bearing the same name, near the city of Split, in central Dalmatia, Croatia. At first it was a small stronghold built by the ancient Illyrian tribe Dalmatae. Over the years Klis turned into a royal castle that was the seat of many Croatian kings, and in the end it becomes a large fortress. During the Ottoman wars in Europe, Klis Fortress has guarded the frontier, being lost and re-conquered several times throughout its more than 2000 year long history. Today the Klis Fortress has been developed as a visitor attraction where you can see an array of arms, armor, and traditional uniforms in a building which was formerly an Austrian armory. But in recent years, Klis Fortress has found a new role: as the perfect filming location for Daenerys’s stronghold. Once you are there, looking down upon the scenery from the top of the hill, you will feel the sheer power of the mighty Targaryens. Walk the path to the top as it transforms into the Meereen Throne in season four, where Daenerys set the slaves free and crucified their wicked owners for all the slaves to see. Travel to the suburbs, to the town’s quarry, where the unsullied battled for Daenerys, and where Daario fought Bronn.



– Just outside of Split there is a small village of Zrnovnica. This village was once home to a large number of grain mills, which almost have disappeared over the time. The area surrounding the water mill played a major role in the filming of the Game of Thrones TV series because of its stunning natural beauty. Exploring the tranquil, bucolic ambience of the ancient stone water mill and its lush surrounds will afford you a giant step back in time. You can also take a walk along the river to the nearby quarry and those two locations in Zrnovnica – the Antonicin water mill and Zrnovnica quarry, can easily be recognised as the set in season four. The water mill was the location where Daenerys’s trusted handmaid and interpreter Missandei had her bathing scene, while the quarry witnessed the arrival of Daenerys and the Unsullied at the gates of Meereen (even though there is no actual city or town nearby), in which Daario Naharis kills the city champion.